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Petite office Ergonomics (and: exactly how Does Your office handle Ergonomics?)

If you’re small as well as your office desk is as well tall for you — enough that it’s causing you pain while you work — exactly how much is your employer required to do to make your desk/chair configuration more ergonomic? What if you work at a nonprofit? Reader A asks…
I question if you might address what my work location is needed to do regarding ergonomics? about a year back I started a new setting where I sit at a desk all day. (For the last 5 years I worked remotely satisfying clients 90% of the time.) since then I’ve noticed that I’ve been getting weird pains in my back, wrists, hips, as well as neck. I’m just about 5’2″ so my desk is as well tall for me, my typing as well as screen positioning are all wrong.
If I raise the chair to the right height, my feet dangle, as Camiseta Inter Milan well as resting them on the chair base triggered weird hip pain (and a footrest just wasn’t convenient.) I work for a nonprofit, so buying new office supplies isn’t truly at the top of our concern list, however can I request one for health and wellness purposes? If not, do you have one more suggestion? (I online in Ohio if that matters.) thanks for the help!

Interesting question, visitor A. We haven’t talked about ergonomics in a bit while, as well as I’m curious to hear what visitors believe about this, both small as well as otherwise.

What ergonomic hacks have you used for your office? What assist have you gotten from your employer in the matter, whether officially (ergonomics consultant, ergonomics budget) or after the truth (e.g., being able to get a $36 footrest reimbursed)?
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Here’s the Expert’s advice on small Ergonomics:
First, though, we asked an professional for his handle visitor A’s situation. Paul Krewson, OTR/L, CEAS III — an occupational therapist, ergonomist, and president of peak Ergonomics — suggested the following:

I suggest that you see this link as well as work with the three ergonomic tools for computer workstations.
I would take the results as well as evaluation them with your supervisor as well as ask if there is anything they can do to help.
If you requirement an outside consultant, then you can make a request with the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ payment Camiseta Selección de fútbol de Serbia via the web link above [Readers: discover the contact for your state here – Ed.] as well as that will link you with a regional consultant.
Most computer ergonomic issues can be improved with simple solutions as well as don’t always requirement to expense a great deal of money. It seems like you requirement to discover a “convenient” foot rest, since it is necessary to your back that your feet rest firmly on the floor. I suggest that you think about utilizing a Fellowes adjustable Foot Rest.
If your employer is unwilling to assist you, then there are two prospective legal remedies:
Using the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), you can request a reasonable lodging for a personal medical issue you are experiencing. You will requirement to create a letter from your doctor to support your request.
Alternatively, you can data a workers payment insurance claim if you believe your medical issue is being triggered or substantially aggravated by your work activity.
It’s finest if you just ask extremely nicely. Your employer might fight you on both counts which may need you to hire an attorney.
For my own $.02, I believe visitor A should definitely a) figure out what she wants in terms of ergonomics, b) figure out what the expense is for everything, as well as c) figure out where she should start. Y

our employer will likely see it as a matter of expense more than anything — asking for reimbursement for a $36 footrest or $25 keyboard tray is likely to requirement a great deal less evidentiary support than, say, a treadmill desk or a $600 Aeron chair (they do make a special sized chair if you’re under 5’2″!). I
f you’re truly tight on money, though, you can always just fill a banker’s box with books as well as then put it under your chair to utilize as a footrest, to at least see if that feels a bit better.

Above, the most comfortable office chairs for working from home: brown / white & purple / black / blue / black — don’t fail to remember a floor mat!

Readers, what are your thoughts on petite-friendly office ergonomics? exactly how has your office handled ergonomics, as well as what have become your must-have ergonomic tweaks? 

(Pictured: Fellowes office Suites adjustable Foot Rest, offered at Amazon for $36.)
This publish contains affiliate links as well as Corporette® may make commissions for purchases made with links in this post. For more details see here. say thanks to you so much for your support!
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